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Let me share with you how the CFD industry works...

When you deposit the first €250, you will get a phone call from your account manager, then he/she will tell you that the €250 is meant only to test the platform, and you can’t make real money from this amount. He/she then tells you that if you really want to make money, you should start with €5000– €10,000. You are quickly convinced and led to believe that you can make more money by trading instead of going to work. Your account manager will call you every day and by good KYC (know your client), he knows you very well.

The account manager will tell you how rich you can be by trading, and after a short time, he/she will ask you what is the point of having your money in the bank, where it’s not working for you. He/she convinces you to put your money into your trading account and let the money work for you. After doing this, you see that you are making money in the trading account, so you put another €20,000–€40,000.

Afterwards, you are brainwashed daily by aggressive marketing and exerting psychological pressure on you to trade in speculative products.

Meanwhile, you open many trades in your account, and quickly, your account is trading at a low margin, your account manager then calls you while screaming at you to put more money into your account or you will lose everything!

You are in a TRAP because you don't want to put more money, you don't want to lose, so you put another €20,000 into your account.

After 4 months, you’ve lost your life savings. Every day, we get emails from consumers who’ve lost their life savings to these companies.

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