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CFD - Regulated Companies​

Regulations imposed by these regulatory bodies are mainly aimed at increasing traders' awareness and knowledge, reducing the high-risk nature of the trading activity and protecting traders' funds and privacy.

Regulatory bodies have defined a set of rules and laws that are to be followed by all traders. These laws are to ensure fair trading and to prevent any fraudulent activities.

A regulated company means that you can recover some of your funds back. You can get your money back only if the company has regulations, but not all regulations are good, some regulations are worth nothing. For example, the (VFSC) Vanuatu Financial Services Commission is one regulatory body that can't help you to get your money back.

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission or CYSEC regulates almost all of the brokers that are based and headquartered in Cyprus… CYSEC operates as a subsidiary of the European MiFID II which enables members to perform European businesses with relatively easy regulatory guidelines and faster approval processes.

If the company is based in Cyprus, it will have a Cysec regulation. The Cysec regulation does not take a side between a customer and the financial company, only the ombudsman decides on this and it can take a year till you will get some of your money back, you need first to ask the financial company involved to make things right. You have 3 months before you can file a complaint to the ombudsman

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